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Behind the scenes of Paralympic sport - Food For Thought.

    Sport participation is important because it teaches kids and it teaches people a lot of skills that can be directly correlated to growth and advancement in life.   When we look at Paralympic sport, it plays an even more important role. We have athletes who can overcome life crippling injuries, or overcome potentially life crippling disabilities such as cerebral Palsy (CP). CP sufferers gain so many benefits from sport because it develops coordination and neural patterning like nothing else, hence why some top Doctors in the world are baffled by the capabilities of some people and athletes with CP when they participate in sport. I encourage participation in sport at all levels for many different reasons, but when we...

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My Vision of my Thirties to help me reach my Hundreds.

On my 30th Birthday I am FEELING like I’ve never felt before: Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically. Emotionally I am emotionally agile and have emotional intelligence from skills learned with my life coaches and mentors. Mentally I have clarity with my mental state, and I’m in control of my mentality through optimal brain health and mindfulness. Physically  I am physically fitter and stronger than ever before, hitting P.B’s in my chosen disciplines.   I am GIVING more than I’ve ever given; Time to charity on the day, and an amount to a charity greater than I’ve ever given from my own pocket. I am MOVING like I’ve never moved before; I’ve learned Salsa dancing to groove with the locals in South America...

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Sebastian and Bryan are successful, entrepreneurial cousins. They share family members, big visions, but also troubling pasts that saw them both try to take their own lives.

Sebastian Robertson and Bryan Coleman are well educated, successful, entrepreneurial cousins. They share family members, and big visions, but also troubling pasts that saw them both try to take their own lives. Seb and Bryan were both brought up by beautiful supportive families, educated in private schools, and attained university degrees in commerce/economics and communications businesses respectively. They both enjoyed lots of travel, sports, quality time with mates, and the usual university party scene. From the outside, life was looking great for Bryan when he finished school at the age of 18 and was pre-selected to commerce law at Bond University on the Gold Coast. On the inside however, Bryan was dealing with feelings of deep anger and complete numbness,...

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From Brain Damage to International Success - Katrina Webb's Journey

Katrina Webb was born into a very athletic family and sport was in her blood. At the age of 3, Katrina was told by her doctor that she had mild brain damage that affected the physical capabilities on the right side of her body. Despite this prognosis, Katrina was determined to become an elite athlete from a young age. Unlike her family members natural talent, this wasn’t going to be enough to get Katrina to the top level. Katrina’s parents didn’t let her brain damage hold her back. They encouraged her to do everything she wanted to do growing up. Which involved almost every sport possible, including netball. Katrina knew she had a mild disadvantage when she was playing sport...

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Before He Was A Coach, He Almost Lost His Life - Brett Bartholomew

Brett Bartholomew is a strength coach to NFL superstars, MMA power houses, and legendary weekend warriors, but life hasn’t always been this great for Brett. At the age of 15, Brett came dangerously close to losing his life. When some of his childhood friends and members of his primary social circle started experimenting with hard-core drugs, and his family dynamics changed rapidly due to a divorce, Brett turned to training and exercise to help him deal with the tough circumstances. Training hard was what Brett knew best, and also what he thought was best for him, but even this couldn't prevent his onset of depression.  A hobby and escape soon gave way to an exercise addiction that brought him to the...

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